Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pallet Shoe Rack: Defeater Of "Shoe Piles"

I don't know if "shoe piles" are a problem for any other families, but in my house, they always seems like an issue. We kick our shoes off when we come home and then leave them beneath the foyer table. This pile continuously grows until A. I get tired of the clutter and haul everything upstairs or B. we have house-guests and frantically toss the shoe mountain into the garage.

Well, a solution may have fallen into my lap recently.  The hubsy recently ordered a large item and it was delivered on a pallet... (Finally I have a pallet!)  Being the pack-rat that I am, I leaned it against the wall behind the recycling so that I could dream up something to do with it.  When I went to sweep out the garage today, I started stacking the shoes on top of the pallet (to get them out of my way)... when, low-and-behold, I realized that I could place them into the pallet.....

like this!
The only drawback I see so far is that I am unable to put my decorative/ embellished flats into it- for fear of scraping off the applique... but that seems a small price to pay to keep our shoe collection clean and organized up off of the floor. (Plus- for some weird reason, I LOVE the way pallets look.)

I, of course, think this is genius... hubsy is not totally convinced of this beautifully simple shoe pallet plan. What do you think?!

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